NRMA car insurance for under 25s

NRMA car insurance is a spin-off of the car insurance products previously offered by the National Roads and Motorists Association in Australia.

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Today NRMA Insurance operates independently of the NRMA, under the Insurance Australia Group (AIG).

NRMA Insurance offers car insurance cover to young drivers in New South Wales, Queensland, Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania.

NRMA products for under-25s

NRMA offers its full range of car insurance products to young drivers in Australia. These include:

  • NRMA CTP/green slip insurance, which provides compulsory cover for personal and third party injuries in the event of an accident. This product is only available in New South Wales and Queensland.
  • NRMA third party insurance, covering damage to the other person’s car in the event of a car accident.
  • NRMA third party fire & theft insurance, which covers damage to another person’s car or property in an accident, as well as theft of, or fire damage to your own car.
  • NRMA comprehensive insurance, which covers third party car damage as well as claims relating to theft, accident damage, severe weather damage or malicious damage to your car.
  • NRMA classic car insurance, covers high value vintage, veteran or classic cars for loss or damage to the vehicle to an agreed value.

NRMA learner driver insurance

Learner drivers are automatically covered under their parents NRMA Insurance policy. With the NRMA, adding learner drivers to an existing policy is not compulsory.

An age excess will apply in addition to the basic excess on the policy in the event the learner is involved in an accident.

However, this age excess will not apply to an accident claim if the learner was supervised by a driver over the age of 25 with a full license at the time of the accident.

NRMA P plater insurance

NRMA P plater insurance functions the same way as learner driver insurance, provided the P plater is driving a family car on an existing policy.

In this case there is no requirement for them to be added to the policy. In the event the P plater causes an accident, an age excess will apply in addition to the basic excess on the policy.

P platers who own their cars are also able to register separate car insurance policies with the NRMA.

The full range of NRMA car insurance products is available to P platers, with rates scaled to reflect driver age and inexperience.

NRMA excess for under 25s

NRMA car insurance charges an excess on all insurance claims by young drivers.

There are three types of insurance excess that can apply to insurance claims made with the NRMA, in the event the young driver was responsible for the accident.

These are:

  • a basic excess which applies to all claims made against any NRMA insurance product
  • an age excess that is paid in addition to the basic excess if the driver responsible for the claim is under the age of 25, or has less than two years of driving experience
  • a special excess, which may apply to certain types of vehicles or drivers with high risk profiles.

The NRMA car insurance excess fee typically starts at $650 for basic excess on all car insurance products.

However, this fee can vary by state and according to age and the value of the car being insured.

Note that while the NRMA does not require young drivers to be listed on existing policies while they’re driving the family car, it is recommended that you list young drivers on the policy anyway.

This will reduce the age excess that will be payable in the event that they cause a car accident.

NRMA vs UbiCar insurance for young drivers

NRMA car insurance rates are determined by the traditional factors used by most insurers, including driver demographic and the type of car insured.

This is not great news for responsible young drivers, as they are charged high insurance rates based on the higher risk profile for under-25 drivers in Australia.

In addition the NRMA offers does not offer incentives or schemes that reward safe young drivers with lower insurance rates.

UbiCar uses a different system for calculating insurance rates for young drivers.

Our app allows us to build up a very detailed profile of individual drivers, which we then use to calculate their insurance rates.

This means that young drivers who behave responsibly on the roads are rewarded with fair insurance quotes.

The way it works is simple:

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