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Everything You Need to Know: Uber Insurance Requirements in Sydney

With the dramatic rise of Uber, many are opting to become ridesharing drive-partners to earn some extra cash or as their full time job. Uber’s flexibility gives drivers the option to work when they want, and as often as they want. Despite this however, they also need to consider Uber Insurance and vehicle requirements.

The success of Uber falls largely onto the shoulders of the drivers. As a driver, you need to ensure that every rider has a great experience when they choose to ride with Uber. If you’re considering driving with Uber in Sydney there are two important factors which you’ll need to consider:

Whether your vehicle meets Uber’s specific requirements

How you’re going to insure it to make sure that you’re covered in any scenario.

Uber has certain standards that drivers need to adhere to in order to ensure the safety of riders. As well this you also need to think about the level of service that Uber expects their drivers to provide.

Minimum Vehicle and Uber Insurance Requirements in Sydney

The minimum vehicle and insurance requirements for vehicles driving with Uber in Sydney state that the vehicle must be:

  • ANCAP 5-Star rated, or fall under their vehicle exemption policy which outlines certain vehicles that are exempt
  • In a great working order to avoid any mishaps while driving customers
  • No older than the maximum age outlined for the specific Uber service
  • A 4-door car or passenger van with no more than 8-seats (including the driver’s seat)
  • Be in a condition that ensures it passes a pink slip inspection
  • Registered and CTP-insured in New South Wales
  • Free from external damage like scuff marks, scratches and indentations from hail damage
  • Free from commercial branding (graphics or wraps larger than 20cm x 20cm)

Service Specific Requirements

Over and above these minimum requirements, each Uber service has specific requirements relevant to the type of service being provided. For example:

  • UberX drivers are required to have a vehicle that is no more than 10 years old
  • UberXL vehicles need to cater for extra passengers (4-door SUVs or large passenger vans).
  • Uber Assist vehicles are required to have the capacity to accommodate folding wheelchairs etc.

Drivers are also required to meet additional requirements. This includes a minimum 4.85 minimum rating for Uber Comfort or having completed a certain number of trips for some services.

Uber’s rideshare insurance requirements state that all cars driven by ridesharing driver-partners in Sydney must be road registered. Alongside this you need Compulsory Third Party (CTP) and third party property damage.  The driver-partner must be the policyholder or named insured driver.

CTP is a mandatory insurance that protects you as the driver in the instance that you injure or kill someone whilst driving your vehicle. It offers cover for any compensation claims made against you.

Third Party Property Insurance provides cover if you damage someone else’s property or vehicle. It insures against the damage caused by your vehicle to other people’s property and/or vehicles, as well as any legal costs related to legal proceedings as a result of the damage you caused in the accident.

What the Minimum Insurance Requirements Don’t Cover

What both of these types of Uber insurance don’t cover is the cost of repairs or replacement of your own vehicle, rather covering other people’s property and vehicles. As an Uber ridesharing driver-partner, this can open you up to all sorts of financial risks in the event that you’re involved in an incident that falls outside the scope of this minimum coverage.

It doesn’t cover the cost of repairs to your vehicle resulting from an accident, nor does it offer coverage for your vehicle if it’s damaged or destroyed by fire or stolen.

Taking into consideration that Uber’s minimum requirements state that your vehicle must be in excellent condition, both internally and externally, means that you as the driver are responsible for meeting those minimum requirements, both for safety and aesthetic reasons. If you don’t meet those standards your rating may be affected by disgruntled riders, or worst-case scenario, you may be barred from driving.

In the event your vehicle is stolen, destroyed by fire or completely wrecked from an accident, you’re not only left without a vehicle but without an income too. Can you imagine purchasing a vehicle specifically suited to the Assist service or a large SUV for the UberXL service, and then completely writing it off? It’s what nightmares are made, and can leave drivers in dire financial circumstances.

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Why Comprehensive Insurance May Be the Smart Choice

Comprehensive Car Insurance covers damage to other’s property and/or vehicle, as well as coverage for your vehicle if it’s damaged or destroyed by fire or stolen, plus accidental damage to your own vehicle, regardless of fault.

Optional additional extras are also offered, like:

Providing a hire car after an accident,

Zero excess windscreen/ window glass replacement

These extras are often overlooked when a policy is started, but can lead to an unwanted surprise if you’re not covered.

Comprehensive Car Insurance offers the greatest financial security by protecting you as a driver from any major financial burdens. Plus it’s doesn’t always have to be expensive.

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Why Choose UbiCar for Uber?  

UbiCar is a high-tech insurance provider that uses real-time driver data to reward good drivers with lower premiums. UbiCar offers competitively priced comprehensive coverage and claims management to support Uber ridesharing driver-partners in Sydney.

It tracks behaviour like braking, cornering, phone distraction, acceleration and speeding, as well as giving drivers feedback on how to improve these behaviours. If you improve your driving behaviour, then UbiCar can offer you cheaper insurance.

As an Uber ridesharing driver-partner, you’ll get an Uber insurance policy that’s specifically tailored to your needs. This gives you the ability to meet Uber’s requirements. You’re able to drive without the stress of having to worry about “what ifs”. You’re fully insured, as well as knowing that you’re providing a safer service to riders.

If your limited rideshare insurance has been playing on your mind, try UbiCar’s comprehensive insurance that’s priced specifically for you.  Get a quote now.