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7 of the most advanced cars on the road

Vehicle technology is evolving faster than ever before, with major evolutionary leaps in engine technology, safety and telematics playing out as we speak. Our pick of the most advanced cars of the road introduces seven mass production cars that feature a cutting edge blend of the latest automotive technology.

The FF91

The FF91 is so futuristic it’s hard to believe that it’s entering mass production. Designed by Faraday Future, this electric vehicle can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in around 2.5 seconds. It also boasts super impressive range for an electric vehicle, can park itself and looks like something driven back in time from the year 2200.

Tesla Model 3

While the FF91 looks like a futuristic supercar, the Tesla Model 3 merely looks like an expensive sports car without a radiator grille. This electric car is available in rear wheel and all-wheel drive, and owners can choose between short range vehicles that require recharging every 350km and long range models that can travel up to 538 km without a recharge. The AWD performance model can accelerate from 0-100km/h in a leisurely 3.5 seconds.

The Volvo S90

The auto manufacturer that brought you the three-point seatbelt proves that it has more to offer than safety with the S90. This sedan may run on petrol, but boasts Tesla-like acceleration. That’s beside its active cruise control feature, road-sign detection software that displays road signs in the instrument panel and an optional heads-up navigation system.

The Audi A7

Audi is renowned for its premium cockpits, and the A7 cockpit is as stylish as it is futuristic. Dials and controls are virtually eliminated on the A7 dashboard, with climate controls and infotainment accessed via a haptic touchscreen. This car can also move, with a seven speed transmission capable of accelerating the A7 to 100 km/h in just over 5 seconds. If that sort of acceleration makes you a bit tense around the shoulders, the A7’s ventilated seats will indulge you with a back massage.

Mercedes Benz E-Class

The company that invented the mass production automobile isn’t going to be left in the past. Mercedes throws its hat in the advanced car ring with the E-Class. While this is a performance car by any standards, with nifty features like air suspension, it’s technology shines through in the driver and passenger experience. Features include seats that offer massages, a huge number of interior lighting options that allow occupants to set cabin mood, dual touch-driven infotainment screens and a heads-up display.

The BMW 7 Series

All the stops have been pulled out in making this car futuristic. The BMW 7 Series offers remote control parking, night vision and active cruise control that recognizes speed limits and adjusts speed

accordingly. The7 Series is also the first mainstream BMW model with chassis parts manufactured from carbon-fibre-reinforced polymer – the same material SpaceX is using to construct a rocket ship to Mars.

Subaru WRX

The Subaru WRX’s technological advancements can be found below the surface, with significant advances in car safety packed into this vehicle. These include a full suite of active safety features, including electronic stability control and active headlights, advanced brake assist, an intelligent ABS braking system, autonomous reverse braking, lane change assist and a rear cross traffic alert. Even the car’s ring-shaped structural frame is cutting-edge, featuring super absorbent crumple zones.

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