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The best apps for tracking teen drivers in Australia

While teen driver tracking apps won’t win any popularity awards amongst the young driver market, they are important tools that allow parents to identify and stop problematic driving behaviour before it has serious consequences. A variety of these smartphone apps are available on the market as both free and paid services.

Here is our pick of the best apps for tracking teen drivers in Australia.

TrueMotion Family Safe Driving

If you have serious concerns about your teen drivers behaviour and basically want to place them under surveillance while they are driving, TrueMotion is the app for you. The app allows you to customize a rule set for your teenager, including how far from home they can drive and a maximum speed limit.

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You can then monitor their location in real time. If you’re not in the mood to monitor your teen’s driving 24/7 from the command bunker beneath your home, then TrueMotion will send you a push notification whenever they break the rules. TrueMotion also maintains a driving score for your young driver, providing a helpful long term gauge of how they’re behaving behind the wheel.


If your teen objects to the idea of you playing Big Brother with TrueMotion, then EverDrive is a handy alternative that allows you to get an overall idea of how your teenager is driving, without providing you with real time feedback on driving violations. The way this works is your entire family installs EverDrive on their phones and you can then set up an in-app leaderboard for your family.

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The app will then automatically begin tracking each driver’s behaviour for key factors like speedingbrakingcornering and acceleration. You can then see how your teenager is scoring on the competition leaderboard. The downside of this app is that they can also see how you drive and failure to score higher than your teen may result in them removing your access to your car.


Life360 is less focused on specific bad driving behaviours than it is on reassuring you that your young drivers have survived each trip that they take. The app allows you to add family members to a map, and receive alerts when they arrive safely at their destination. This is provided to prevent parents unwittingly distracting their teen drivers and causing accidents with ‘where are you?’ texts.

life360 app

Life360 has some other handy features, including crash detection alerts and emergency response tools. You can even start tracking the behaviour of friends, extended family and the clerk working at the corner store if they are willing to consent to having their location tracked by you via the app. Power like this comes at a price though, with a monthly subscription fee charged for app use.


Whereas the apps discussed so far focus on providing parents with peace of mind, UbiCar focuses on providing teens with powerful incentives to drive safely. Once downloaded onto the teen’s smartphone, UbiCar will begin tracking their driving and scoring each trip. The score and information for each trip is then delivered to the young driver at the conclusion of the trip.

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Teens are also able to enter competitions where they can win great prizes just by driving well, and can also compete against family, friends or community members on custom leaderboards. This allows you to unobtrusively keep track of their driving scores.

The biggest benefit of UbiCar is that it allows good teen drivers to get fair insurance quotes that reflect their driving ability.

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