Cheap car insurance for learner drivers

Find out how you can get cheap car insurance for learner drivers in Australia.

Learner drivers have two critical factors which count against them when it comes to getting affordable insurance cover.

  1. They’re often young.
  2. They have very little driving experience.

In combination these two factors put learner drivers at higher accident risk.

In practice this means that L plate drivers are liable for massive insurance excesses if they drive on someone else’s plan and crash, or will pay very expensive rates if they attempt to get their own insurance cover.

Learner driver insurance rules

Learner drivers have to follow the same insurance rules as more experienced drivers, with a few extra requirements thrown into the mix to account for their lack of experience.

The most important insurance rules for learner drivers are:

  • Learners are required to have Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance when driving. Learners who own their cars can get this cover by registering their vehicles in their names.
  • Many insurers require the policy holders to list any learner drivers on their policy if they want comprehensive cover while the learner is driving.
  • Learners are required to drive under supervision from a supervising driver who meets the legal requirements for this role in their state or territory.
  • Learners must obey state and national traffic laws, as well as laws specific to learner drivers at all times.

Insurance for learner drivers on parents car

The most straightforward way for the average young learner driver to get insurance cover in Australia is to sign up on their family’s insurance policy.

In fact, if you’re a learner driving the family car you will often have to get listed on the family insurance plan or your parents could get hit with a huge undeclared driver excess if you’re involved in an accident – or worse have the claim rejected.

There are a few benefits to learners getting insurance on their parents plan:

  • Getting insurance cover for a learner can be as easy as making a call to the insurer and asking for the learner to be listed.
  • If you’re driving the same car as your parents it doesn’t make sense to have two separate policies on the same car.
  • Getting listed on your parents policy may not cost anything up front, the risk is often covered by a higher excess that applies to accidents caused by a learner driver.
  • At UbiCar it gets even easier. If the driver listed on the UbiCar policy is supervising the learner, the learner does not need to be listed on the UbiCar plan at all!

However, it isn’t always that simple. Getting coverage on an existing policy has some drawbacks:

  • It can increase the excess on the insurance plan significantly, so a lot of cash will be required to subsidize the insurance claim if the learner driver gets involved in an accident.
  • If learner driver has their own car or ends up being the main driver of the car then this insurance option isn’t available at all, and they are required to take out their own insurance.
  • Not all learner drivers are young or live with their parents, and they may not have the option of getting listed on a family insurance plan.

Learner driver insurance for your own car

If you’re a learner driver with your own car, or you’re the main driver of the car you are driving, you’ll need to get your own insurance cover.

Despite being a very high risk group, most insurers offer insurance for learner drivers in their own car.

However, the majority of insurers are going to charge extremely expensive insurance rates.

The following table indicates the average insurance rates offered to 17 year old drivers by traditional insurance companies.

State Male Female
ACT $2818 $2668
NSW $3462 $3126
NT $4001 $3502
QLD $1798 $1641
SA $2347 $2154
TAS $2161 $1983
VIC $2056 $2003
WA $1756 $1797

On top of the increased insurance rates, learners will also have to pay higher excess fees if they are involved in an accident and make a claim.

Fortunately, cheap insurance for learners with their own cars is now available in Australia.

Learner drivers simply need to track their driving with UbiCar telematics app, and if they can prove they are safe drivers they’ll be rewarded with affordable insurance rates.

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