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Electric Car Insurance

The future is electric.

With the rapid rise of brands like Tesla comes an increasing need to rethink how cars are insured. The electric vehicle (EV) is the car of the future – as sustainability and climate change become the most debated issues of our generation.

EVs have revolutionised the motor vehicle industry with benefits not only for the driver, but the environment and the country too. Benefits include:

Lower carbon footprint and use of eco-friendly materials, better air quality from eliminating exhaust emissions, increased energy security with the elimination of a dependence on petroleum imports, and the list of benefits goes on.

With an increasing demand for electric cars in Australia, comes the need for electric car insurance. The electric car market is still fairly novel in Australia which means less risk data to draw from. There’s a lack of meaningful data available for underwriters to assess the true risk of insuring EVs, especially Teslas.

Insurers seem to be rushing to keep up, with customers experiencing hikes as much as 50% on their Tesla insurance premiums. It can be a challenge selecting the right insurance option for your EV when even the industry itself is lacking the knowledge and experience. Luckily, it’s not as hard as you think. With the development of the EV industry comes the evolution of the vehicle insurance industry. Innovative insurers are completely refocusing the industry and the way insurance coverage is offered.

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How to Choose the Right Electric Car Insurance Policy

When choosing a new policy, looking for a policy that reflects your driving behaviour gives you greater control over your premium. An insurer like UbiCar rewards your good driving behaviour, rather than generalising based on your previous driving history. You have the ability to lower your premium by improving your driver behaviour, therefore you’re less likely to have an accident and ultimately safer on the road.

What Is UbiCar and How Is It Different?

UbiCar offers comprehensive coverage and claims management to support EV owners in Australia. UbiCar electric car insurance is a competitively priced insurance offering that’s taking the market by storm. It’s transforming the traditional insurance model by changing how car insurance is offered, giving customers a tailored offering.

By using advanced technology, UbiCar is able to provide EV owners with lower premiums based on their good driving behaviour. Gone are the days of paying for everyone else’s’ mistakes, your premium is based on your good driving. This is particularly significant for the electric car insurance segment, including Tesla insurance, as the traditional model struggles to keep up with the rapid EV market evolution.

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How to Compare UbiCar Insurance to Your Previous Policy

If you have an existing policy where the underwriter increases the premium by more than the CPI at renewal, then that’s the time to shop around for an alternative.

When comparing policies, keep in mind that not all policies are created equal. There are different levels of coverage and varying terms and conditions, so you’ll need to determine if these are the same.

UbiCar provides fully comprehensive electric car insurance, leaving you completely covered, while certain policies may provide 3rd party coverage only.


How UbiCar Works

 The UbiCar app tracks certain driving behaviours like braking, cornering, phone distraction, acceleration and speeding to give you a driver score. These aspects have an impact on risk, accident prevention and driver safety. The score that you get is used to calculate your premium, giving you control over your premium. The better driver you are, the more affordable your premium will be.

UbiCar is not only providing affordable electric car insurance, they’re using technology to better improve driver habits and safety on the road, by providing additional safety and driving tips to help you along the way.

Learn more about how UbiCar insurance works here.

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How Is UbiCar Coverage Less Expensive Than Other Mainstream Insurance Policies? 

UbiCar focuses on providing a personalised offering to its customers based on driver behaviour, rather than previous history. It uses innovative technology to understand real time data as opposed to drawing from historical risk data. This is critical when it comes to electric car insurance due to the lack of available risk data out there.

The traditional insurance model doesn’t seem to be working for the EV industry, that’ why UbiCar is using technology to completely disrupt the market. By changing the focus to driver behaviour, we give safer drivers the opportunity to save on their insurance.

Does UbiCar Use Driver Data to Price Insurance?

Yes, UbiCar electric car insurance uses current data from your vehicle to personalise your insurance premium. It’s as simple as that.

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How to Purchase UbiCar Tesla Insurance/Electric Car Insurance

It’s a quick process that’ll provide you a policy in less than 2 minutes with just a few clicks. Your policy will be issued instantly; there’s no need to wait for paperwork. The better you drive, the more you’ll save on your premiums. The UbiCar app gives you instant feedback on how you’re driving and gives you tips to improve your driving in order to reduce your insurance premium. Not only will you save money, you’ll be a safer on the road too. When it comes to electric car insurance and Tesla insurance, UbiCar is leading the way with drivers ultimately benefiting from these innovative advancements.

Tired of paying a premium that doesn’t reflect your good driving? Get a quote now.