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News, company info and digital assets for media Days of the year when drivers break the most road rules

On any given day, you can find at least one motorist breaking a road rule, but there are specific days when drivers are at their most reckless.

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Australia By Night with Stephen Cenatiempo. Drivers are most reckless on public holidays

Matt Taylor from UbiCar shares the new research with us that shows Aussie drivers are most reckless on public holidays

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Sunrise on 7. Aussie driving app with appeal

This Aussie invention is designed to make sure we’re safe drivers!

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The Today Show. Driver Distractions

Australian teenagers are the most likely to face digital distractions behind the wheel.

TMR logo Discount insurance for Aussie drivers

Australian motorists will now be able to pay for the car insurance they deserve. UbiCar rewards safe driving with lower car insurance costs

Rewarding safe driving will not only be beneficial for more than just the drivers saving money on their car insurance, but it should make all Australian roads safer as a whole.

centre UbiCar: Driving Efficiency With contactSPACE

contactSPACE, a leading provider of cloud contact centre software solutions and Tier-1 PCI compliant contact payment solutions, today announced that UbiCar, an innovative new Australian insurance provider, has selected contactSPACE as their cloud-contact centre solution to drive customer engagement and improve Customer Experience.

Canstar logo Safe drivers could save on car insurance through UbiCar app

Driving safe each time you hit the road could now save you serious dollars on your car insurance.