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Unlike other insurers, UbiCar offers fully comprehensive monthly cover that is based on how well or how far you drive your car. We do this by  using App based technology to personalise your premium and make insurance fairer. It’s also known as Usage Based Insurance and is how we got our name!

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*Savings are factual and based on comparison between the customer’s current Comprehensive Car Insurance policy with UbiCar as of December 2018 and their policy with their previous insurer. Premiums and savings may differ depending on individual circumstance.

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UbiCar is proudly 100% Australian owned, and if you ever need assistance, our locally based call centre staff are here to help.

iSelect Car Insurance

As a vehicle driver in Australia, you are probably looking for the fairest and the cheapest car insurance available. Which is why you have probably used online tools like the iSelect car insurance comparison tools which search out the cheapest vehicle coverage available. It makes sense to compare the market rather than simply continuing to use a car insurance provider you are familiar with. However, how much sense does it make to continue paying for a premium that doesn’t actually insure your car the way that you actually drive it?

UbiCar is the 100% Australian car insurance provider who is disrupting the way comprehensive car insurance is really calculated. Rather than relying on a bunch of driver statistics that generically cover areas like the Sydney suburbs or regional Victoria, we use a more intuitive and a fairer way of calculating your premium. We actually monitor how you drive and how safe you are while you’re on the road. This helps us to develop a more personalised insurance premium that covers your actual risk on the road. We even offer you ways and tips for increasing your safety rating and lowering your premium even further. Does iSelect car insurance offer you that option when you compare car insurance quotes online?

Why we offer cheap car insurance

The UbiCar way is the fairest way of calculating your level of cover and excess costs using our pay as you drive insurance option.

With our How you drive policy, we will collect driving data while you’re out on the road, including for all types of drivers. Things we look for include your acceleration and speed behaviour, your cornering speeds and safety, how many times you have been distracted by your phone while you were driving and how harshly or suddenly that you brake. This data is collected over multiple car trips to give us an average score of between 40 and 100 points. The higher you score on our safety scale, the lower your premium is for any type of cover like fire and theft, and accidental damage.

We offer our cover for every Australian from young drivers under 25, learner drivers of any age, as well as seniors. UbiCar is available in every state and territory so you can access cheap car insurance coverage from Darwin to Hobart, Brisbane to Perth and Melbourne to Canberra. We also offer 24hour roadside assistance across Australia too ensuring that your complete vehicle coverage needs are all coordinated from a single insurance company trying to help you save on costs across the board.

For professional drivers like rideshare drivers, our Uber driver insurance is also the cheapest way to maintain maximum coverage for less. As a professional driver, you spend a lot of time on the road. This means that you are exposed to more risk than other drivers who don’t drive as often, but it also means that you have a lot of practice and experience. Experience on the road often translates to higher safety ratings as you’ll be aware of how your vehicle responds in various weather conditions, road conditions and the driving habits of other drivers on the road. Rather than penalising drivers exposed to greater risk, we have developed a way to offer fair coverage for all.

While iSelect car insurance has helped individuals find the lowest cost policy they can, it’s time that drivers started moving toward more affordable and fairer comprehensive cover. It’s time that insurance companies started treating their customers like individuals rather than a load of statistics and demographics. We’re committed to breaking the mould and to developing ways that not only cover our drivers comprehensive coverage, but also offer them ways to improve their driving and obtain budget car insurance that covers them, not the rest of the road users.

UbiCar offers the best vehicle insurance for drivers of all ages, covering roads and road users in NSW, VIC, WA, QLD, TAS, SA, NT, ACT. To find out more about how our car insurance comparison and exactly what you’re covered for and how, take a look online at our Product Disclosure Statement. We’ve tried to keep everything as transparent and accessible as possible so you can check out what you can claim and how your premium is calculated to ensure that when it comes time to compare car insurance, you’re not selecting the iSelect car insurance option that only looks cheaper than the rest. Instead, you’re choosing an insurance provider who is committed to looking past your drivers license and to evaluating you’re everyday driving habits and behaviour.

Getting a quote online from UbiCar takes just two minutes. We’ll ask you for some standard information about what you drive and how often, and then you’re able to download in install our driving application to your phone. You can check what your driving score is at any time, accessing your own driving data through your account with us. If you follow our tips and guides, you can increase your safety rating and access better premiums. Don’t pay for other road users and the most likely scenario based on where you drive and how old you are. Instead, opt for UbiCar and choose the Australian insurance provider trying to improve the industry from the inside out.

The next time that you use iSelect car insurance and Canstar comparison tools to choose the best price car insurance for you and your family, think UbiCar. Compare quotes online with us or call our customer service team today to discover how we can help you save money.

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