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We’re different because, with us, you don’t just pay based on things that are difficult or impossible to change, like your age, post code, or claims history. With UbiCar, your monthly price results from your choices, like how much and how well you drive.

How is UbiCar different from other Insurers?

If you drive well, you are less likely to get in an accident. Therefore, you should pay less. That’s what our company is built on. We’re restoring fairness to the insurance industry one policy at a time.

What is UbiCar?

UbiCar is a new behavior-based insurance company that rewards you for smart driving and mindful living. You download the app, and then pay each month based on how much and how well you drive. The smarter you drive, the more you save. And, since you’re getting rewarded for driving better, your community is benefiting as well.

Why can I trust UbiCar?

  • We have a strong financial foundation.
  • We protect your information: we use 256-bit encryption on all customer data.
  • We explain things well, so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

What states is UbiCar in?

All, except Tasmania and NT. Sorry…

The UbiCar App tracks your driving (think braking, cornering, phone distraction, acceleration and speeding) and uses that information to calculate your premium. If you’re a good driver, you’ll be sent a quote—the better driver you are, the better your premium will be.

The UbiCar App also makes accessing and using your car insurance easy. If you receive a quote, you can customize and purchase your policy right in the App. You can access your insurance documents, view your claims and pair your UbiCar Tag when you receive it.

With UbiCar Insurance you pay your premiums by the month and we use the data we receive from the UbiCar App and UbiCar Tag to adjust your monthly premium based on how you drive. If driving performance improves over time, you may pay less! If it gets worse, you may need to pay more. Don’t worry, we will send you a message each month to tell you what your instalment premium will be.


What is usage based insurance?

Usage based insurance is personalised car insurance based on your driving style. UbiCar Insurance uses telematics to measure your driving and reward safe driving with lower premiums.

Do you cover Learner drivers?

Yes. You do not even have to list a learner driver as long as another driver listed on your policy is the supervising driver in your car.

Tip: If a Learner driver is driving your car, get them to download the UbiCar App to help them become better drivers! See who gets the best score!

Does UbiCar Insurance use NCB or a Rating scheme?

No. We don’t have a rating scheme, no claim discount or no claim bonus at all.

But that’s not because we don’t believe in rewarding good drivers. Your premium will vary depending on how you drive and use your car, so you can be rewarded with a lower premium for being a safe driver – no matter how long you have been insured for!

Can I have my policy documents sent via post?

Sorry – we don’t offer that option. UbiCar is an online insurance company, which means you can easily access your documents online at any time . Simply go to your UbiCar App, or log in to your policy online to choose the document you want to receive!

Does UbiCar Insurance cover modifications and accessories?

We automatically cover modifications or accessories that you have fitted to your car. We have a few exceptions, though we will specify these when you’re getting a quote and on your Certificate of Insurance.

Note that the value of any modifications or accessories needs to be included in the Agreed value, which is the most we will pay for your car if its damaged.

What if someone else drives the car?

“You should nominate any regular drivers of your car on your Policy.

An additional excess of $1,000 will apply if an unknown driver is using your car at the time of an incident for which you are claiming.

How can I update/change my policy details?

You can make these changes at any time by logging into your policy to update the following:

  1. Adding or removing drivers
  2. Change of address
  3. Change of vehicle
  4. Change of use
  5. Change in Finance
  6. Add an Option

For all other changes, call 1300 824 227.

How can I cancel my policy?

You can cancel your policy by calling 1300 824 227. One of our consultants will be happy to help you. A cancellation fee may apply.

How do I lodge a complaint?

“We want you to feel like you’re being looked after every time you deal with us. But if you don’t feel we’ve handled something properly, send us an email at insurance@ubicar.com.au, or if it’s an App issue, at hello@ubicar.com.au. We’ll sort it out for you.

If you’re an insurance customer and you’re still not happy, then you can follow our Complaints process – see Important Information section in your Product Disclosure Statement for details.

It’s Fast

Earn UbiCoins for every scored trip that you complete. The higher the score the more you can earn.

It’s Fun!

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What UbiCar customers say

Savings and benefits users now enjoy since switching to UbiCar*
Luana with savings

"My massive monthly savings
are fantastic for my family"

Luana - New South Wales
Jillian with savings amount

“UbiCar has motivated me to be a better,
safer and more considerate driver."

Jillian - South Australia
Luke with savings amount

“UbiCar doesn’t stereotype like other
insurance companies.“

Luke - New South Wales

*Savings are factual and based on comparison between the customer’s current Comprehensive Car Insurance policy with UbiCar as of December 2018 and their policy with their previous insurer. Premiums and savings may differ depending on individual circumstance.

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