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UbiCar is able to consistently produce net positive driving behaviour outcomes through our app by combining positive reinforcement, feedback and gamification.


St Luke’s Pilot Program

UbiCar engaged St Luke’s Grammar School on Sydney’s Northern Beaches as its pilot partner during our initial development phase in May and June 2018.

UbiCar provided students with its mobile app for the duration of Term Two, challenging them to become the best and most improved drivers in the school.

Both students and teachers were thrilled with the positive impact the technology had on student driving behaviour, with positive collective behavioural change measured throughout the program.

By the end of the program 61% of the young drivers at St Luke’s were rated in the top two score bands on UbiCar, compared to 58% of all UbiCar users.

Northern Beaches Competition

The Northern Beaches Safest Driver Competition was a road safety initiative for residents of the Northern Beaches Council municipality. UbiCar launched and administered the competition during October 2018 with support from the Northern Beaches Council.

The Northern Beaches Competition aimed to combine technology and rewards in an effort to make drivers more aware of their behaviour and in turn create safer local roads. This competition was part of a broader effort by all levels of government to work towards zero road fatalities on Australia’s roads.

The Northern Beaches Council was the first council in Australia to use telematics technology to encourage safe driving, with the most at risk drivers collectively reducing their dangerous behaviours by up to 40%.

“I’m so pleased Northern Beaches Council is able to lead the way and be the first local government to take part in this fantastic concept.” – Mayor Michael Regan

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