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Whilst car insurance costs can be confusing, it’s important to remember that prices differ from state to state. Whether you’re looking for car insurance across New South Wales or over in Western Australia, it’s worthwhile looking into what various companies annual insurance costs are based on location.

That’s why today we’re comparing the differences in insurance companies by Australian states to help you make the best and most affordable choice for you! We’re also exploring if there are any alternatives when it comes to cheaper car insurance.

Let’s dive in.

Comparing Insurance Prices By State

Thanks to the Canstar’s in-depth comparison table that we have included below, we can grasp an overview for the difference in insurance prices by state.

As Canstar explains, “Premiums are based on all comprehensive policies rated in Canstar’s 2019 Car Insurance Star Ratings (May 2019). Premium averages based on the same new and used cars across all profiles. Premiums for old car type based on 5-year old vehicles. For more information on how the premiums were calculated.”

Car Insurance Costs by State


In examining this table, there is clearly a substantial difference in insurance costs as determined by state. Victoria is the most expensive state. Here we see an average annual premium of $1030 for new cars and $1002 for used cars.

Competitively, Tasmania, Western Australia and Queensland are far cheaper, with annual premium costs starting at $753. Western Australia charges a mere $19 in difference between new and used cars whilst Tasmania charges the biggest difference with a cost of $63.

These are just some of the stand out differences. Overall they reflect the importance to research the insurance company you choose and their prices according to the state you live in. In doing so, you may save considerable time and money. This will give you the required knowledge to choose the most effective, suitable and affordable insurance provider based on your specific location.

Are There Cheaper Car Insurance Providers?

Car Money

 Considering the differences in insurance prices by state, it’s worthwhile examining whether there are cheaper affordables. Whilst there are an array of companies on offer, at UbiCar we employ innovation alongside a customer-centric approach.

Rather than charging excessively high premiums which can make buying a car inaccessible for many people, we use forward-thinking and progressive technology to benefit our customers. Our model offers a more inclusive alternative – relying on technology, we determine annual insurance premiums according to how customers drive. For example, if a driver is reckless, hazardous and at risk of an accident, we will decide that the annual insurance premium is higher as a result of that customers driving. However, if a customer drives safely and sensibly without posing significant risk, we are more likely to charge less for that customers annual insurance premium.

Thanks to having flexible rates determined on individual consumer behaviour, customers can save a lot of money that would otherwise be lost due to standard, one-fits-all insurance prices.

In recognising that we are all different, regardless of variables such as age, we combine a customised approach with the power of technology to benefit our customers.

So just how do we achieve this? Thanks to the employment of telemetrics, we use use a black box to talk to our app and so customers are charged fairly and relatively. Not only does this allow customers to save money, it also encourages customers to drive more safely. This has a domino effect, benefiting both the individual driver as well as others on the road!

 The Verdict

If you’re looking to learn more about the UbiCar and how we can help, be sure to get in touch! Our friendly, responsive and knowledgeable team will be sure to assist you.

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