AAMI car insurance for under 25s

AAMI is one of the largest car insurance providers in Australia and has been in operation since 1969.

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The company currently insures approximately 1.9 million Australian drivers and has a strong emphasis on customer service.

AAMI is also well know for its Skilled Drivers Course, which is aimed at improving the driving skills of under 25s.

In 2007 AAMI merged with the Suncorp Group, but continued offering insurance products under its existing brand name.

AAIMI car insurance options for under-25s

The full range of AAMI insurance products is available to young drivers, whether on an existing family policy or for their own vehicles.

These products include:

  • AAMI CTP/green slip car insurance, which is available to residents of Queensland and New South Wales. This covers claims for injuries that may result from a car accident.
  • AAMI third party car insurance, which covers damage to third party property or vehicles that may results from a car accident. Fire and theft cover are offered as an optional extra on this product.
  • AAMI comprehensive car insurance provides cover from all damage that may result from a car accident. In addition, it provides cover for loss of a vehicle due to theft, as well as fire, hail, storm or flood damage. A variety of optional extras are available for comprehensive cover, including roadside assistance, car hire and windscreen and window glass cover.

AAMI car insurance for learner drivers

Learner drivers using a parents car will automatically be covered on a parents policy, and it is not necessary to list learner drivers on the policy.

There is no specific AAMI learner excess – in the event the learner causes an accident the standard age excess will apply.

AAMI car insurance for P platers

P platers can get insurance cover from AAMI either on their own policies or on a parental policy if they are driving the family car.

P platers who opt for their own cover have access to the full range of AAMI car insurance plans.

The pricing of these plans reflects the additional risk traditional insurers factor into young driver policies.

AAMI car insurance excess for under 25s

AAMI applies its standard excess payments, along with inexperienced and young driver excesses, in the event of a claim by an under 25 driver.

The different types of AAMI car insurance excess include:

  • Flexi-Premiums scheme, an adjustable fee which allows policy holders to reduce their monthly insurance payments by increasing their car insurance excess.
  • An age excess which applies in the event the driver that caused the accident is under the age of 25.
  • The inexperienced drivers excess, an additional excess payable by drivers who have held their license for less than two years.
  • An additional driver history excess will apply to drivers who have a record of poor driving or claims history.

AAMI young driver benefits and rewards

AAMI offers two initiatives for its young comprehensive insurance clients, designed to give them extra value on their insurance.

AAMI Safer Driver Rewards

AAMI Safer Driver Rewards is AAMI’s no claims scheme.

Young drivers who do not make a claim in a calendar year are rewarded with a discount on their next year’s premium.

The discount percentage increases the longer drivers stay with AAMI, and is packaged with additional benefits like discounts on roadside assistance.

AAMI Skilled Drivers Course

Young driver car insurance can be very expensive.

AAMI’s approach to this problem was to set up a Skilled Drivers Course, which it offers free of charge to under 25s.

Drivers who pass this course are rewarded with discounted car insurance premiums.

AAMI vs UbiCar car insurance for young drivers

While young drivers using AAMI can benefit from the Safer Driver and Skilled Driver Course rewards, this insurer still uses traditional methods of calculating rates.

This means that the risk assessment for individual young drivers is based on the insurance risk associated with the young driver demographic, and not their day-to-day driving ability.

Which means expensive insurance rates.

In contrast, UbiCar gathers very accurate information on how individuals drive in order to ensure that young drivers get fair insurance rates.

This information is collected using a smartphone app that uses advanced telematics technology to collect and analyse information about how you are driving, allowing UbiCar to identify and reward safe driving.

The way it works is simple:

What UbiCar customers say

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Luana with savings

"My massive monthly savings
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Luana - New South Wales
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“UbiCar has motivated me to be a better,
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“UbiCar doesn’t stereotype like other
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Luke - New South Wales

*Savings are factual and based on comparison between the customer’s current Comprehensive Car Insurance policy with UbiCar as of December 2018 and their policy with their previous insurer. Premiums and savings may differ depending on individual circumstance.