Cheap car insurance for students

The average college or university student doesn’t have a lot of cash to spare, yet this demographic is hit with some of the highest car insurance rates in Australia. Read on to find out how to get access to discounted car insurance for students and how it works.

Traditionally high car insurance rates for students are the result of a few different factors, including the typical age of students, the student party lifestyle and the fact that many college and university students are likely to be P Platers without much driving experience.

However, just because you’re a college or university student doesn’t mean you need to put up with expensive insurance.

Not only can you scale your insurance to fit your budget, but the introduction of telematics insurance products to Australia means that it is now possible to get cheap car insurance for students by tracking your driving and proving that you’re a responsible driver.

Which car insurance is best for students?

There are a few student car insurance plans available on the market, and which of these you choose depends on your budget, what kind of car you drive, whether the vehicle is fully paid up, and how much cover you want in the event of an accident.

Car insurance policies options for college students don’t differ from what is available to the general public.

Four types of car insurance policies for college students are available on the market:

Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance

bad insurance coverage

As discussed, CTP insurance ensures that anyone involved in an accident in Australia is covered for their medical expenses.

In the majority of Australian states, this is provided by a state insurer and charged along with your car registration fees when you register a car for the first time, or when you renew your car registration.

Residents of Queensland and New South Wales are able to shop around for their CTP insurance.

Third party car insurance

Poor insurance coverage

Third party car insurance covers damages to third party vehicles or property in the event you’re responsible for an accident.

This can protect your from potentially massive claims by third parties if you damage their vehicle or property in an accident, but will not cover any damage to your own car.

Third party fire and theft

Average insurance coverage

Third party fire and theft insurance not only covers damage to third party vehicles and property, but also provides some cover for your own vehicle.

You’ll be able to claim if your vehicle is stolen or damaged by fire.

If your car is damaged in an accident, you will be unable to claim from your insurer.

Comprehensive or full cover insurance

Good insurance coverage

Comprehensive cover is the best of the car insurance options for college students.

While it is pricier than the other options, it covers you for third party claims, theft of your vehicle as well as damage to your car caused by accidents, weather or fire.

Comparing types of student car insurance in Australia

Type of Insurance Damage to your car Theft of your car or fire damage Damage to 3rd party property 3rd party injury or death
Compulsory Third Party (CTP)
Third party property
Third party property, fire & theft

Car insurance rates for students

Car insurance rates are influenced by a wide range of factors, but use of a test case allows for some insight into student car insurance rates.

The table below reflects average car insurance rates for a 19 year old male and female.

State Male Female
ACT $1303 $1374
NSW $1603 $1608
NT $2640 $2142
QLD $1251 $923
SA $965 $1026
TAS $1113 $1126
VIC $1633 $1661
WA $818 $834

Average insurance rates were calculated by obtaining a range of online quotes.

The four lowest premiums for each gender were used to calculate averages. Quotes reflected pricing on for October 2018.

The car used for quotations was a white 2018 Toyota Yaris 1.3 mpi five door hatchback with manual transmission and petrol engine.

No additional accessories or factory/dealership options selected. Car parked in a garage overnight. No existing accident or hail damage, and car financed by lease.

For all drivers estimated driving mileage was set to 6,000 km annually, and drivers indicated as having no prior claim history.

Identical residential addresses were used for each gender and age group in the relevant state or territory.

Insurance discounts for college students

While students can get discounts on a variety of services and facilities, this is not the case when it comes to getting car insurance from traditional insurers. Fortunately telematics has made insurance discounts for students possible for the first time.

By tracking their driving with the UbiCar mobile app and signing up for cover, students can get insurance discounts for good driving.

How it works:

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*Savings are factual and based on comparison between the customer’s current Comprehensive Car Insurance policy with UbiCar as of December 2018 and their policy with their previous insurer. Premiums and savings may differ depending on individual circumstance.

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