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UbiCar offers fully comprehensive monthly cover based on how well or how far you drive.
We use App based technology to personalise your premium to make insurance fairer!

Drive less, pay less.

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Drive well, save more.

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It's all in the App.

Unlike other insurers, UbiCar offers fully comprehensive monthly cover that is based on how well or how far you drive your car. We do this by  using App based technology to personalise your premium and make insurance fairer. It’s also known as Usage Based Insurance and is how we got our name!

We believe insurance should be fair.

"UbiCar helps make safer drivers and reduce insurance costs"

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"The disrupter Ubicar is offering insurance based on how you drive."

“UbiCar is a Free App that Rewards Drivers for Safe Driving”

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Cheap Car Insurance NSW

Cheap car insurance NSW isn’t always easy to find. Home to Sydney, the most populous city in Australia, the cost of car insurance is heavily affected and impacted by the amount of drivers on the road and the level of claims they make every year. When assessing the price of insurance, a provider uses a wide range of complicated models to help understand historical data relating to past claims in specific areas, the number of claims made by drivers of a certain age, experience level and gender, as well as other factors like weather events. Ubicar uses these factors to help us determine the price of our insurance premiums as well, but we also use something new and high-tech too.

How do you know that you’re getting the most from your current insurance policy?

It’s never been easier or simpler to compare insurance prices and levels of coverage than in the twenty-first century. You can use your phone to locate new quotes and purchase an entirely new policy in just a couple of minutes all online. That phone is a very powerful device in the modern world, and it could help you to secure cheap car insurance NSW just but sitting in your car, where it was likely to be anyway, while you’re driving.

Let’s start with CTP insurance (otherwise known as a green slip). In NSW you will need to purchase a green slip in order to register your car and this green slip offers you 12 months of coverage from the date of purchase. Choose the best policy and the best provider for you and your circumstances will usually mean choosing the cheapest option available. CTP insurance coverage is specific and the same between providers. The only thing that changes is the price.

For comprehensive car insurance, however, there is more to choose from and greater variety amongst providers who might include optional extras as standard or at heavily reduced prices for choose your comprehensive cover with them.

There are a few things which will affect how cheap car insurance NSW is when comparing comprehensive policies. Firstly, what is the age of the primary driver of the vehicle that you want to insure?

A young driver will most likely be stung with a higher insurance premium than an older and more experienced driver. The number of insurance claims processed are significantly higher for drivers under 21 and under 25. Not all younger drivers are dangerous on the roads but the numbers speak for themselves. Younger people are more likely to take chances on the road; they will have less driving experience and they will be less receptive to looking for safer and more cautious ways of driving than older drivers. To combat this, laws in NSW, QLD, VIC, SA and WA, for younger drivers with a learner driver licence or a provisional driving licence (P Platers) are very different than for drivers with a full licence. Drivers under 25 will be restricted to how many passengers they are permitted to carry in their vehicle and P Platers must also follow different speed limits which are lower than for other motorists.

The price of your cheap car insurance NSW will be affected a lot by the age of the primary driver of the vehicle. Bearing this in mind, it’s good to compare the price of other more affordable insurance products on offer. For example, some insurance companies try to help minimise premium costs by introducing special excesses which apply only to younger drivers. You may find a policy more affordable where you only assume the financial risk of a younger driver in the actual event of accidental damage occurring and you needing to claim on the policy to cover the costs.

Third Party Fire and Theft insurance covers the policy holder for any damage that they cause to another person’s property, and it also covers the policy holder’s vehicle for events like fire damage and theft. This level of cover often be significantly cheaper than a comprehensive policy and is a great way to manage a younger person’s possible risk on the road without breaking the budget.

What insurance you choose will be dictated by the minimum coverage limits applied to some professional drivers, For example, an Uber driver or driver from another ridesharing company will have very specific levels of insurance they must hold for their vehicle to qualify for work with that company.

You may only need to hold a minimum coverage of third party insurance to qualify as an Uber driver but there are other rules about the state and age of your car are very strict and which will indirectly affect your choice of vehicle insurance. For example, there can be no damage whatsoever to the car you use as an Uber driver, cosmetic or not. If you only have a third party insurance policy only and your vehicle suffers damage like a scratch or a dent, you will not be able to use that vehicle for Uber trips until those dents or scratches are fixed. A comprehensive car insurance policy could help you to get cosmetic issues like these sorted sooner rather than later and the cost of your excess could be considerably lower than the cost to fix them would be.

Your windscreen is another consideration you should take into account when choosing the cheap car insurance NSW option. With an Ubicar comprehensive insurance policy, you are not charged your excess amount should your windscreen need repair or replacement. Immediate repairs can therefore be completed on the car without you being out of a pocket, or out of work.

What other options and extras does a provider offer you? The fine print in the policies between providers is important to take note of, particularly if you are intending to switch providers from a company that you know well and have used for many years. The other options, however, are also a good indication of the kinds of values that your provider has. Do they offer roadside assistance? Most providers have this as standard options to take on to a policy so if your provider doesn’t offer a roadside package, that may be an indication of how out of touch they really are with the market in general and how much work they have yet to do to ensure they maintain their current customers, let alone attract new ones.

Is insurance worth it?

 Cheap car insurance NSW will also depend on the make and model of the car that you want to insure. Older vehicles like prized specialist cars considered antiques or one-of-a-kind can often come with very hefty insurance costs depending on the provider that you go with. The introduction of the Tesla to Australia has seen the cost to insure your car increase for some of the newer models because there is very little history for insurance companies to look at when evaluating new quotes to insure cars like the Teslas. It will become more competitive as more Teslas are bought and driven in Australia but until then choose an insurance provider who has a way of more accurately assessing policies and drivers to provide fairer and more affordable options. Choose an insurer like Ubicar.

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