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UbiCar offers fully comprehensive monthly cover based on how well or how far you drive. We use App based technology to personalise your premium to make insurance fairer!

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Cheap Car Insurance for Drivers

Many people feel they are paying too much for car insurance. The average person in Australia is paying too much for their comprehensive auto insurance. Unfortunately, not all policies are the same they can differ greatly on price regardless of the time with your insurer. A similar policy for the same driver with the same vehicle can vary by hundreds of dollars between different insurance providers. 

This is because traditional insurers don’t use technology to provide consumers with accurate tailored pricing based on what you need not just based on your age or where you live, it is not always easy for drivers to save money. At UbiCar, we take a different approach by using technology to disrupt the insurance market and reward drivers with cheap insurance. We use cutting-edge phone application to tailor our product to you. We don’t make unreasonable assumptions based on characteristics, such as age, gender or driving experience.

We believe Insurance should be cheaper

If you drive . you should pay less for your car insurance

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Many Drivers Can Get Cheaper Car Insurance With UbiCar

UbiCar is committed to helping every driver get the best possible rates. All drivers can save with UbiCar but following classifications of drivers are commonly paying too much with other car insurance companies.

Safe drivers
Most insurance companies overcharge safe drivers, simply because they don’t have the capability to tailor your policy to your driving style. As a result, safer customers find themselves being charged more to offset the costs of riskier drivers.
UbiCar uses disruptive insurance technology to tailor our product your driver style. Safer drivers benefit from our underwriting process because we help to make sure they are rewarded with the cheapest possible car insurance premiums.

Younger drivers
Drivers under the age of 25 are charged higher premiums because with traditional insurers they statistically represent more of a risk. However, we have found many young drivers do in fact practice safe driving habits, so they don’t deserve such high car insurance costs.
UbiCar takes a number of factors into account in our app, so young drivers aren’t unfairly punished just because of their age.

Parents are also charged higher premiums, because they have young adults on their policy that are more likely to cause accidents. However, UbiCar recognises that many inexperienced and young drivers are responsible behind the wheel and may be less likely to get into accidents than older drivers.

We do things differently, however, by providing parents with a policy option that accurately prices any additional young drivers on the policy. We do this through our revolutionary smart phone application that provides you with tailored insurance pricing.

How it works

We take the guesswork out of insurance and use technology to provide you with the lowest price

How Does UbiCar Offer Cheaper Car Insurance?

Traditional insurers make a lot of assumptions, based on broad, statistical data of different drivers. They fail to look carefully at the individual; an approach which would provide better information about the driver‘s risk profile.

At UbiCar, we use telematics technology to evaluate the history of every driver. We monitor a variety of factors, such as how hard you brake, how fast you accelerate whether you use your phone while driving, how quickly you corner and the speed you tend to travel at compared to other road users. We use this data to accurately determine the likelihood of an incident, so premiums are set fairly to your driving style. This is so we can tailor your premium to you reward you with lower premiums.

Unlike other insurers, UbiCar makes sure safe drivers pay fair premiums. In fact, we strive to make sure our policies are fair for everybody.

Our telematics-based insurance coverage also lowers premiums directly by encouraging safer driving habits. Research has shown that young drivers with telematics apps are less likely to be involved in accidents, as they understand how to reduce their chance of having an incident. Accidents that do happen also tend to be less severe, so the overall cost of insuring these drivers is 30% lower than it would be for drivers. So we are able to pass on the savings to our customers and offer them cheaper car insurance, as a result.

What UbiCar customers say

Savings and benefits users now enjoy since switching to UbiCar*
Luana testimonial

"My massive monthly savings
are fantastic for my family"

Luana - New South Wales
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“UbiCar has motivated me to be a better,
safer and more considerate driver."

Jillian - South Australia
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“UbiCar doesn’t stereotype like other
insurance companies.“

Luke - New South Wales

*Savings are factual and based on comparison between the customer’s current Comprehensive Car Insurance policy with UbiCar as of December 2018 and their policy with their previous insurer. Premiums and savings may differ depending on individual circumstance.

Save on Premiums with UbiCar technology at your fingertips

Nobody wants to pay too much for car insurance. Car insurance premiums are rising in Australia, which is putting pressure on many drivers, often unfairly. Fortunately, UbiCar has a cheaper system for safe drivers.

Connect with a policy from UbiCar and use telematics to tailor insurance to your driving style. This way, when you drive better, you’ll enjoy lower premiums. It’s as simple as that.