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We partnered with Hyundai to provide Auto Link customers with lower cost Pay Per Km Insurance

How it works

Car Insurance - The New Way! If you drive less then it makes sense you should pay less.

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Car Insurance – The New Way! 

You simply pay insurance for the number of kilometres you drive each month plus a low fixed base premium for your car when it’s not in use.

At the end of the month we multiply the kilometres driven for that month by the cost per km. We add that to your monthly Base premium and that’s the total you pay. Simple.

No need to worry about extra costs if you have a road trip, we cap the daily charge at 100km, keeping this insurance affordable for you.

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Our partnership with Hyundai

UbiCar has been working closely with Hyundai and integrated technologies to bring you car insurance based on your kilometres driven.  You can get a quote and purchase insurance all within the Auto Link app with no additional technology needed. 

The Auto Link app tracks vehicle stats like fuel consumption, trip distances, tyre pressure, battery status and refuelling history, and provides remote controls to lock and unlock doors and start the engine from within the app.  

We’re excited to be working with Hyundai to bring new car insurance directly to Auto Link users. 


Most frequent questions and answers

You simply pay insurance for the number of kilometres you drive each month plus a low base premium for when your car is not being used.

At the end of the month we multiply the kilometres driven for that month by the rate per km. We add that to your monthly base premium and that’s the total you pay. No need to worry if you’re going on a road trip, we cap the daily km charge at 100km so you can rest assured your costs stay affordable.

This policy is for Hyundai drivers that have Hyundai Auto Link and the Auto Link App.
You may be a commuter, uni student, empty nester, retiree, weekend driver or a remote worker. If you drive less than 15,000km a year, Pay per km insurance may be right for you.
*Any advice provided by UbiCar Insurance is general advice only and you should consider if it suits your needs.

Your premium will vary monthly depending on how many kilometres you drive. We consider other factors as well when calculating your base premium and rate per km. This includes things such as your car’s agreed value, the make and model of your car and where you keep your car overnight. The base rate covers your car whilst you are not driving.

Information about Hyundai Auto Link, including the User Guide and FAQs can be found at https://www.hyundai.com.au/owning/auto-link.

If you purchase a new Hyundai vehicle you can continue with your current policy and you will need to advise us of the new vehicle details so we can adjust your policy. If you change to a non-Hyundai vehicle, you may continue with Pay per km insurance direct through UbiCar. Contact us through your App, on www.ubicar.com.au or call us on 1300 UBICAR (1300 824 227) to update your details.

We believe in fair priced insurance for everyone and are using technology to deliver lower cost car insurance.

UbiCar is not for everyone. You may find you can get cheaper insurance elsewhere, and we’d encourage you to find the best price together with features and benefits for your car insurance.

UbiCar Insurance was founded to use technology to take the guess work out of insurance, and provide Australian drivers with substantial savings on their insurance. UbiCar is backed by RAC Insurance who has been the trusted insurer of West Australians for over 70 years. Company details are: UbiCar Insurance Pty Ltd (ABN 83 601 223 858; AFSL 469073) policies are underwritten by RAC Insurance Pty Limited (ABN 59 094 685 882; AFSL 231222).

Hyundai is a leader in Australian car sales, and always on the look out for best offers for their customers. Hyundai and UbiCar have a technology focus, the two companies worked together to bring Pay Per Km insurance as a first for Australian Hyundai customers.

We want you to feel like you’re being looked after every time you deal with us. But if you don’t feel we’ve handled something properly, send us an email at insurance@ubicar.com.au or call us on 1300 UBICAR (1300 824 227) and we’ll sort it out for you. However if you’re still not happy, you can follow our Complaints process – see Important Information section in your Product Disclosure Statement for details.

When you sign up for a Pay per km For Hyundai Auto Link policy, Hyundai provides UbiCar with the number of kilometres your car has travelled. We use that number of kilometres to calculate your premium each month and whenever you change or cancel your policy.

Pay per km for Hyundai Auto Link is only available to Hyundai owners who have Auto Link capability in their Hyundai and have registered on the Auto Link App. Policies can be purchased on the Auto Link App and you have access to your policy information there as well. We provide phone and email support if you need any help with purchasing a policy or lodging a claim.

If your Hyundai doesn’t come equiped with a SIM, your Hyundai Auto Link App is used to communicate the odometer reading from your car to Hyundai. You will need to have Bluettoth enabled while you are driving so the data can be passed to Hyundai and then sent to UbiCar.

When you purchased your Hyundai, the Dealer would have talked to you about the benefits of Auto Link Premium and introduced you to the App. With the SIM you do not need to connect your phone to your Hyundai via Bluetooth.

Don’t worry, you may not be able to purchase a Pay per km for Hyundai Auto Link policy, but UbiCar Pay per km will soon be available.