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Rideshare Insurance in Australia

If you’re considering a new career or side income as a rideshare driver then you’re going to need rideshare insurance. Joining a rideshare company is a great way to either earn a little extra money on the side or to completely revamp your career and take control of your time, your work life balance, and to get you out of the typical office job working 9 to 5. There are a huge number of Uber drivers and other rideshare drivers who have hung up their office garb and plumped instead for the flexibility of working when they like and how often they like. They enjoy the one on one interaction with the general public, they enjoy the simplicity of simply concentrating on driving from destination to destination, and they love the fact that they don’t have to take their work home with them at the end of the day. There are a lot of things to recommend joining the rideshare workforce and if you are considering it, then we’re here to help you obtain the cheapest rideshare car insurance available in Australia.

At Ubicar, we believe in fair rideshare insurance that is priced according to the level of skill and experience of the driver, not based on general demographics and statistics. We are changing the face of the Australian insurance industry with our tailored and personalised vehicle insurance policies designed to accurately reflect the level of risk each policy holder poses. Premiums are evaluated based on driving data captured through our app not on the risk statistics for your postcode or your occupation. We’ve made it easier and cheaper for drivers of all kinds to access budget insurance cover which covers them comprehensively, for third party property damage, etc. Driving for a ridesharing company like Uber, Ola, DiDi, Bolt and GoCatch means that your insurance requirements are quite specific, depending on which state or territory you are operating in. The rideshare insurance needs for QLD, NSW, VIC and WA are all generally similar so you can use this page as a quick reference guide to learn what king of rideshare insurance you will have to purchase.

Is rideshare insurance expensive?

Ubicar is a high-tech insurance provider that uses real-time data to reward good drivers with lower premiums. The reason our prices are so competitive is because we personalise individual car insurance policies to the driver and their driving habits. You can save substantially more by choosing Ubicar for your comprehensive insurance where you will not only meet the minimum needs of your rideshare service contract, but obtain peace of mind knowing that your new source of income is covered more completely.

What is rideshare insurance?

As a service provider in the ride sharing industry, you will have particular personal car insurance coverage required for the vehicle you are using professionally. Insurance cover helps to address the legal liability of not only yourself, as the driver, but also the ridesharing business that you are representing. Rideshare insurance cover is not dissimilar from any other level of cover and you can choose how much or how little you wish to insure your vehicle for, depending on the company you are working for and what they deem to be minimum coverage.

Consider what kind of cover would work best for you both now, and in the future. For example, opting only for the minimum cover on your car for rideshare income may not be the smartest choice long term, even if you think it might save you a bit of money upfront.

If you’re a making the switch completely and your sole source of income will be derived from your rideshare employment, then your income stream relies entirely on the cover for damage to your car that you ultimately choose. If you are not comprehensively insured and the worst happens, you may be without a vehicle entirely. Our rideshare insurance products also includes options for windscreen coverage. If your windscreen is damaged, then your vehicle may not meet the minimum requirements set by your rideshare company and you may not be able to generate income until the windscreen is fixed. These kinds of repairs can be costly but with a comprehensive rideshare insurance policy with Ubicar, you don’t pay excess on the replacement of your windscreen. We also permit policy holders to opt for their own repairer so if your windscreen needs replacing and you are short on time, you can book the closes geographical repairer straight away, knowing that you’re not going to be out of pocket or out of action for long.

Does car insurance cover rideshare drivers?

When you apply for rideshare insurance, we will ask you whether your vehicle is used for professional or personal use. This is where you can tell us what kind of coverage you are looking for and we can return an affordable quote for comprehensive coverage immediately. With a comprehensive rideshare insurance policy, both your vehicle and property is covered against accidents, damage and theft.

How it works.

When you sign up for rideshare insurance with Ubicar, we will start you off on a general premium based on a standard risk assessment. Things that considered in this assessment include the age of the driver, the age of the car and in which area the majority of the driving is done. This usually determines general indications of the kind of risk you pose as a driver, and it’s generally how most Australian insurance providers operate.

We are different because while we initially evaluate your insurance quote using those standard indicators, your premium can and does change once we know a little more about you as a driver. We believe in fairly rewarding sensible and safe drivers and your insurance history is not the only way to judge how safe and sensible you are. It’s also particularly unfair for drivers under 25 who may not have insurance history yet at all. A young driver is often saddled with extremely high premiums irrespective of their actual driving record. Our high-tech solution to this problem involves capturing real-time driving data directly from our policy holders. Our app can capture things like speeding and how often a driver speeds, braking and how often, cornering skills, and then even offer tips for safe driving habits that are ideal for learner driver policy holders who are still learning how to remain in control of their vehicle and reduce their risks and hazards while driving.

It takes less than 2 minutes to get started at Ubicar. We use all of the available technology at our disposal to offer you a painless and fast insurance quote and coverage process. There is no delay waiting for paperwork and we offer a host of optional extras like roadside assistance add-ons that mean you are 100% supported anywhere in the country, at any time. Moving with the times and taking advantage of the age of technology is at the heart of Ubicar so we also offer a range of Tesla car insurance policies too.

Drive into the new age of insurance with rideshare insurance from Ubicar. We reward safe drivers that we know, for a fact, are safe out on Australian roads. Join Ubicar for a fair insurance premium tailored not just for often you use your vehicle, but what kind of driver you are while you on the road.

Uber Australia’s Accident Coverage

Passengers get double protection when they ride with an Uber driver. Alongside the mandatory CTP insurance, Uber also has a $20 million liability contingency policy. Those injured in an Uber would need to personally report the incident to both law enforcement and to Uber to ensure addressing of the claim.

Ask your insurance agent about the benefits of comprehensive car insurance that will allow you to drive for Uber that you will require to drive for Uber in your state or territory.  We can also help you to find the cheapest car insurance needed to get you on the road.

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