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Uber is great for job flexibility. If you want to join the ride-share industry as an Uber driver, here are a few car insurance tips you may need to follow.

Uber Drivers: What You Need to Know About Car Insurance

Uber continues to attract individuals who like flexible work and customers who rely on their services. As in many other countries worldwide, Uber has expanded into a necessary service, especially in urban areas. 

Almost 4 million riders regularly use Uber services from over 60,000 drivers. Ample room still exists in the market for both more drivers and regular customers. The annual impact on the economy reached nearly $290 million last year with an average of 130 per cent growth for the past five. 

Statistics show that Uber use in other countries has correlated to significant drops in drink driving arrests, injuries, and fatalities. Studies suggest that if the same dynamic occurred in Australia, the 19.3 per cent road fatality rate in a state like New South Wales could drop by between 3.6 and 5 per cent. 

Uber use also tends to spike in the late evenings when bars and clubs close, one of the most hazardous times to drive. This alone provides impetus to get the best possible insurance coverage. 

Almost 30 different companies offer some form of specific ride-share insurance.

If you want to join the industry, here are a few car insurance-related tips you may need to follow.

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Uber Australia Requirements for Car Insurance

Uber has a series of requirements that drivers must meet to drive and earn money for them.

These include the following:

  • Compulsory third-party insurance, also known as CTP
  • 2006 vehicle or newer
  • Up to date vehicle registration
  • Valid state or territorial inspection, where appropriate

CTP coverage makes sure that riders and their families, if necessary, receive compensation if they are injured or killed in an accident.

UbiCar can provide comprehensive car insurance for Uber drivers and others working in the ride-share industry.

All states except New South Wales require that ride-share drivers obtain suitable car insurance along with their registration. In New South Wales, CTP insurance must be purchased separately from the registration.

States all have their own criteria for inspections and other issues that need addressing before legal registration of your vehicle. 

CTP cannot replace the need for comprehensive insurance that covers the vehicle in case of damage or theft. If you borrowed money to pay for the car, you likely must carry some form of this insurance until you pay it off.  

Under-insurance status will prevent you from legally working for Uber.

Uber Australia’s Accident Coverage

Passengers get double protection when they ride with an Uber driver. Alongside the mandatory CTP insurance, Uber also has a $20 million liability contingency policy. Those injured in an Uber would need to personally report the incident to both law enforcement and to Uber to ensure addressing of the claim.

Ask your insurance agent about the benefits of comprehensive car insurance that will allow you to drive for Uber that you will require to drive for Uber in your state or territory.  We can also help you to find the cheapest car insurance needed to get you on the road.

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Uber Insurance

Uber was amongst the first ride sharing companies to really take advantage of the power and instantaneous connection that smart devices offer us all. If you’re considering joining the Uber workforce, then you will need Uber insurance to meet the minimum requirements for set for Uber drivers.

Ubicar, like Uber, has taken the insurance industry in Australia into new high-tech levels and we’re doing this by also taking advantage of how smart devices can track our lives and offer insights into improving our general experience. Our technological approach to Uber insurance and other rideshare insurance policies means that we can reward safer drivers that we know are safer drivers, based on their driving habits and their experience. We capture this driving data in real-time through the use of our app and the more reported on your driving, the better we are able to tailor your premium ensuring that you’re paying only for the risk you actually pose as a driver and not the risks based on your location, your age or your experience.

What car insurance covers Uber drivers?

To be an Uber driver, there are certain Uber insurance and associated requirements every driver and their vehicle must meet. The minimum requirements are the most obvious ones and include a registered and roadworthy vehicle, a current CTP insurance policy and a current drivers licence issued from the state or territory that you are operating within. On top of these standard requirements there are also certain vehicle requirements that must be met, depending on the type of rideshare driver you are opting for: UberX driver, UberXL driver or UberAssist driver.

To qualify as an UberX driver, your vehicle must be free of any damage including hail damage, scratches and dents, and must not be more than 10 years old. To qualify as an UberXL driver, your vehicle must be able to cater for extra passengers which means capable of comfortably housing individuals in every seat. Vehicle which qualify include 4-door SUVs or larger passenger vans. As an UberAssist driver, your vehicle must be able to accommodate folding wheelchairs, prams, etc.

All Uber vehicles must also be clean both inside and out, offering passengers a 4.85 minimum rating for Uber comfort. As rideshare driver, the service you give each passenger directly impacts your ability to secure rides in the future. The Uber app offers both drivers and their passengers the ability to record their level of experience with an individual so every service you offer must be of the very highest quality to ensure that you are continuing to win jobs.

On top of all of this, you are also expected to hold Uber driver insurance to drive for Uber. What does this mean? It means that the minimum requirements for car insurance over in Sydney, NSW, for example, is third party property damage. This kind of affordable car insurance cover ensures that you are able to cover the cost of any damage that you or your vehicle sustains to a third party. Like CTP insurance policies, this ensures that there are adequate ways for you to meet expensive repair costs, medical costs, etc, that you may be liable for in the event of an accident.

The CTP requirements and the roadworthy inspection requirements for registered vehicles in Australia differ between states and territories. In Melbourne, Victoria, you do not have to have your car yearly inspected for roadworthiness but if you sell your vehicle then it must undergo a safety inspection valid first. The same applies in the ACT. Ensure you understand exactly what vehicle registration requirements are needed in WA, QLD and SA before you sign up as an Uber driver or go looking for Uber insurance. The Uber insurance policy requirements for Uber Eats drivers are different again.

While the cheapest levels of cover may help your bank balance in the short term, Uber insurance policies should be carefully considered before you opt for the lowest premium option. Comprehensive car insurance ensures that you are comprehensively insured against a far greater range of issues relating to your new source of income. For example, when driving for a ridesharing company, your vehicle cannot carry any form of damage, no matter how small or inconsequential it might appear to be. Cosmetic dents and scratches must be fixed, and your windscreen must be impeccable. Should you choose the cheap coverage option initially and then sustain some cosmetic damage to the vehicle you are using for your Uber employment, you will need to pay the total amount for fixing that damage before you can continue working. If you were comprehensively insured, however, you would only need to pay the excess on your Uber insurance policy and your car could be fixed immediately. With Ubicar, your comprehensive policy also allows the replacement or repair of a windscreen without having to pay the excess at all.

Does car insurance cover Uber drivers?

So, the short answer to this question is: yes. Your standard registration requirements cover you in the same way that they would if you weren’t using your car for professional purposes. Specific Uber insurance, however, is a little different and demands a slightly higher level of coverage. Third party fire and theft insurance is mandatory but the best level of coverage is most likely to be a policy which ensures that your vehicle is out of action for as short a period of time as possible. While it may seem not as affordable in the short term, over the longer term a higher level of coverage could mean the difference between you being able to work or not.

That’s why Ubicar and our revolutionary way of covering our customers is so important. Rather than lumping every driver in easy to understand but less accurate general categories, we take the time to actually get to know our drivers, their habits and how safe they really are on the road. Our premiums are lower for lower risk drivers so you can save substantially on your insurance costs by choosing a provider who doesn’t assume what kind of driver you are, regardless of your age. Our young driver insurance policies are designed to give learner drivers and drivers under 25 a fair assessment of the risks they pose. Using our app not only captures data about their driving habits, but it also offers useful tips for improving their safety and road awareness.

You can opt to choose to pay your premiums monthly at no extra charge, rather than in a single lump sum. We also offer optional extras you can add to your policy like roadside assistance, which is there for you to use 24/7 right across Australia. Flexibility and fairness is what modern insurance in Australia should be about and Ubicar are leading the charge.

Ubicar is changing the face of Australian vehicle insurance, using the technology we all use every day to better evaluate the road risk of every individual with a policy. Our embracing of modern tech extends beyond Uber insurance and includes new and sustainable ways of driving. We offer Tesla insurance as well as range of standard vehicle insurance policies for drivers of all kinds.

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