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Unlike other insurers, UbiCar offers fully comprehensive monthly cover that is based on how well or how far you drive your car. We do this by  using App based technology to personalise your premium and make insurance fairer. It’s also known as Usage Based Insurance and is how we got our name!

We believe insurance should be fair.

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UbiCar is proudly 100% Australian owned, and if you ever need assistance, our locally based call centre staff are here to help.

Canstar Car Insurance

Drivers across Australia are looking for cheap car insurance and often the search for the cheapest policy available will include using online comparison tools like Canstar car insurance and iSelect to help them compare the market car insurance thoroughly. But how thoroughly are those car insurance comparison tools? Do they really reflect the lowest possible policy cost for your comprehensive car insurance?

UbiCar is proudly 100% Australian and we have been actively trying to disrupt the Australian car insurance industry by changing the way Aussie drivers can access cheaper and affordable insurance premiums for their vehicles, based on the way they drive and how far they drive. Rather than lumping our comprehensive insurance customers into easy to understand demographics and developing generic coverage policies which reflect the accident data and statistics per region or age group, we have developed a way for Australian drivers to take control of their own policy and price.

How are we able to offer lower insurance premiums and still maintain maximum levels of cover for our customers? By offering them a policy tailored to how they actually drive. We achieve this by inviting our insurance customers to share their driving data with us using our UbiCar App.. As an UbiCar customer, you can download and install our driving app onto your phone and then each time you’re in the car, activate your app and drive just as you normally would. This application is designed to capture your driving habits and other data which, when collected over multiple trips, returns a driver score back to you of between 40 and 100 points. Drivers who score highly on our scale have shown to be safer and more responsible road users than those who score lower. But it doesn’t just stop there. You can reduce your premium cost and increase your driver rating by following guidelines and safety tips tailored to your driving style.

The app collects data that relates to your acceleration and speeding habits, how quickly or unsafely you turn a corner in your car, how many times you are distracted by your mobile phone while you’re driving and how quickly or suddenly you brake while you’re driving.

This data then helps us build a more accurate picture of your level of skill, your safety and your sense of responsibility while you’re on the road. Drivers who often brake suddenly and harshly may indicate that they travel too closely to the car in front of them or take a lot of chances while they’re out on the road. How many times a driver is distracted by their mobile phone will indicate how much time they spend concentrating on the road in front of them, reducing the chances of them failing to react in time to incidents or changing conditions. For drivers who like to speed off at a set of lights or take a corner too fast, your driving data will accurately reflect how often you actually do speed or accelerate too quickly while you’re driving and then help you to take active control over unsafe driving habits and reduce the risk you pose while on the road.

These insights into your driving are particularly helpful for young drivers under 25 years as well as learner drivers of all ages. Often, we can become complacent while we’re driving and unaware that our driving habits may actually be unsafe. So, not only are we trying to help you reduce the cost to you to insure your car, we’re also trying to help you become a safer driver on our roads which really helps everybody.

If you’re a professional driver working for a rideshare business like Uber, then spend a lot of time on the roads, often in built-up metropolitan areas. On paper, this looks like it significantly increases your risk factor on the roads as you’re far more exposed to unsafe driving and incidents on the road than regular road users. Rather than penalising our rideshare insurance customers for choosing to make a living behind the wheel of a car, we’ve developed a way they can access lower  prices for their vehicle insurance without compromising on policy levels, claims and opting for a larger excess in the event of an accident or need to claim.

UbiCar car insurance is available across Australia. We cover drivers of all types and ages, including drivers in:

For more information about exactly how your policy is calculated and the type of coverage we offer to our customers, access our Product Disclosure Statement online directly from our website. While you’re there, take a couple of minutes to complete our online quote and get an idea of how much money you could be saving on your yearly insurance costs by switching to Australia’s fairest car insurance provider, UbiCar. Your online quote will take 2 minutes to complete.

Don’t settle for less and don’t pay through the nose for your car insurance. Start comparing policies outside of the Canstar car insurance comparison tools and find out how UbiCar can actively help you to reduce your insurance costs year after year.

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