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Unlike other insurers, UbiCar offers fully comprehensive monthly cover that is based on how well or how far you drive your car. We do this by  using App based technology to personalise your premium and make insurance fairer. It’s also known as Usage Based Insurance and is how we got our name!

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UbiCar is proudly 100% Australian owned, and if you ever need assistance, our locally based call centre staff are here to help.

Compare the Market Car Insurance

The on road costs of owning and maintaining your car in Australia can become astronomical when you don’t compare the market car insurance and choose a policy and insurance provider that isn’t right for you, your circumstances or how often you drive your car. UbiCar is different. As the proudly 100% Australian car insurance provider, we have been working on ways to disrupt the conventional insurance industry with innovative ways of covering our customers for the actual driving that they do, rather than a demographic that they fall into or the accidental damage statistics for the areas that they are most likely to be driving within.

We do this by offering our customers the UbiCar driving app. This application is downloaded and installed on your phone, and activated while you are driving. It captures your driving habits and attitudes while you’re physically on the road, reporting back your telematics to our head office. Over multiple car trips, we capture an average of your driving score to determine your driver rating of between 40 and 100 points. The higher you score as an UbiCar driver, the lower your premium is. This ensures that our customers are covered for the type of driving that they actually do while they’re behind the wheel.

Our UbiCar comprehensive car insurance is available to all Australian drivers of all ages from young drivers who are under 25, learner drivers as well as seniors. Using your actual driving data allows us to offer pay as you drive car insurance based on the actual risk you’re exposed to every year. Not every driver drives the same way or as often. A rideshare driver, for example, working for a professional driving company like Uber will often clock up a lot more driving time over the course of a year than other drivers on Australian roads. Often this exposure to more road risk is reflected in a higher insurance premium cost which we don’t think is actually fair. If you’re a professional driver then the chances of your driving skills actually improving over time are much higher than somebody who only drives rarely. Wouldn’t you prefer to be rewarded for your skills and safety on the road rather than penalised with a higher excess cost or policy?

When you compare the market car insurance, you’re often attracted to online comparison tools like Canstar car insurance ratings and iSelect car insurance comparisons. These are great and fast ways of getting multiple vehicle insurance quotes online, making it simple and easy to choose the lowest priced and most affordable option for you. However, that car insurance comparison that you’re undertaking is usually designed to compare car insurance offered by big-name providers who all use the same insurance calculations. They don’t tailor the premiums they offer to the individual driving habits of a policy holder.

If you live in built-up inner-city areas like Sydney (NSW) or Melbourne (VIC), Perth (WA) or Brisbane (QLD), Adelaide (SA) or Hobart (TAS), Canberra (ACT) or Darwin (NT), you are more likely to receive comprehensive cover policies which reflect the accident, fire and theft data from those areas. Given these areas are highly populated with drivers of all ages, types and levels of driving skills, your level of cover is actually reflective of their driving data rather than of yours. That means that you’re often not getting cheap car insurance or the best level of coverage when you insure your car. You will want to reduce your premium cost as much as possible and usually the only way to do this effectively is by reducing your level of cover or opting for a higher excess in the event that you need to make a claim on your policy. Your car insurance should function as peace of mind, not an annoying and over-priced expense you need to factor into your car maintenance every year. If you’ve bought a new car or your car is financed, often comprehensive cover is not voluntary. You need to find affordable coverage so you may find yourself settling for less and paying more when you don’t compare the market car insurance thoroughly, opting for quotes from providers like us.

We’re making a difference in the Australia insurance industry. We’re making car insurance more accessible, fairer and cheaper across all of our coverage levels, for every driver in Australia. Demand more from your insurance provider and choose the coverage option that works the best way for you and your driving style. Choose UbiCar.

You can get an online quote for your policy in a matter of minutes. Our online quoting facility is simple and fast, asking you a range of standard questions to get a general idea of the coverage you’re looking for. Once you agree to use our driving app, you are agreeing to allow us to tailor your policy based on your actual driving skills, how often you drive and how you’re likely to respond to road conditions. Our driving app collects data like how often and how harshly you brake, what your cornering speeds are like, what your habits are regarding acceleration and speed, and how often you find yourself distracted by your phone while you’re behind the wheel.

If you want to compare the market car insurance with the provider who is actively helping Aussies reduce the cost of car insurance, get a budget car insurance quote now from UbiCar.

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