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Unlike other insurers, UbiCar offers fully comprehensive monthly cover that is based on how well or how far you drive your car. We do this by  using App based technology to personalise your premium and make insurance fairer. It’s also known as Usage Based Insurance and is how we got our name!

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UbiCar is proudly 100% Australian owned, and if you ever need assistance, our locally based call centre staff are here to help.


Most frequently asked questions and answers.

Usage based insurance is personalised car insurance based on your driving style and how your car is driven. UbiCar Insurance uses telematics to measure your driving and reward safe driving with lower premiums.

UbiCar is here to disrupt the Australian insurance industry by giving drivers a fairer premium based on HOW they drive, not simply based on their demographics. The UbiCar app is free to use, and tracks your driving using telematics, so we can give you a driver score. UbiCar safe drivers can make substantial savings on their car insurance premiums based on their driver score. We are 100% Australian Company, and proud of it!

UbiCar Insurance was founded to use technology to take the guess work out of insurance, and provide Australian drivers with substantial savings on their insurance. UbiCar is backed by RAC Insurance who has been the trusted insurer of West Australians for over 70 years. Company details are: UbiCar Insurance Pty Ltd (ABN 83 601 223 858; AFSL 469073) policies are underwritten by RAC Insurance Pty Limited (ABN 59 094 685 882; AFSL 231222).

If you drive well, you are less likely have an accident, so it makes sense that you should pay less for your insurance – that’s fair and that’s what UbiCar aims to deliver. We’re making sure that premiums for car insurance are fair one policy at a time.

We believe in fair priced insurance for everyone and are using technology to deliver lower cost car insurance.

The UbiCar app tracks your driving (think braking, cornering, phone distraction, acceleration and speeding) and uses that information to give you a driver score and calculate your premium. The better driver you are, the better your premium will be. The UbiCar App is free in the app stores.

Your driving score reflects how safe a driver you are, ranging from 40 to 100. The higher the score, the safer the driver! The primary elements of driving behaviour that go into these calculations are your speed, harsh braking and acceleration, cornering, and mobile phone distraction. Your driving behaviour is monitored across a variety of trips to give you an average score. You can monitor your scores through your free UbiCar App.

You simply pay insurance for the number of kilometres you drive each month plus a low base premium for when your car is not being used.

At the end of the month we multiply the kilometres driven for that month by the rate per km. We add that to your monthly base premium and that’s the total you pay. No need to worry if you’re going on a road trip, we cap the daily km charge at 100km so you can rest assured your costs stay affordable.

Your premium will vary monthly depending on how many kilometres you drive. We consider other factors as well when calculating your base premium and rate per km. This includes things such as your car’s agreed value, the make and model of your car and where you keep your car overnight. The base rate covers your car whilst you are not driving.

When you sign up for a Pay per km policy you are sent an UbiCar Device which takes a reading of your odometer. We use that number of kilometres to calculate your premium each month and whenever you change or cancel your policy.

UbiCar is not for everyone. You may find you can get cheaper insurance elsewhere, and we’d encourage you to find the best price together with features and benefits for your car insurance.

We want you to feel like you’re being looked after every time you deal with us. But if you don’t feel we’ve handled something properly, send us an email at insurance@ubicar.com.au or call us on 1300 UBICAR (1300 824 227) and we’ll sort it out for you. However if you’re still not happy, you can follow our Complaints process – see Important Information section in your Product Disclosure Statement for details.

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Over 50 Car Insurance

Are you over 50 and looking for car insurance? Have you heard of pay as you drive car insurance? UbiCar is the 100% Australian insurance company offering a fairer and more affordable alternative to conventional car insurance coverage. We have designed a way to actually insure individual drivers rather than the most likely demographic that they fit into to offer cheap car insurance that really could save you money every year. This means that we’re able to offer every driver in Australia a much fairer and more tailored premium for their comprehensive cover that doesn’t lump them into a regional statistic or most likely scenario. Instead, we actively monitor a driver’s individual driving habits and behaviour to develop a more complete picture of what they’re like on the road. If you’re over the age of 50 and you’re looking for comprehensive car insurance, then you should compare the market with UbiCar.

Unlike young drivers and drivers under 25, drivers over the age of 50 are usually very experienced. By the time you’ve reached 50 years, you have probably been driving on Australian roads for decades. You’re familiar with different driving surfaces and how weather conditions can affect road safety. You are less likely to take chances while on the road as well. You can judge speeds and distances well, knowing when to turn and when not to. You are able to judge the behaviour or your motor vehicle too, knowing how to reduce harsh breaking or high cornering speeds which could see you losing control of your vehicle while out on the road.

However, conventional car insurance companies are still using your demographic and regional statistics to evaluate the best price insurance premiums for your coverage. This won’t take into account your personal driving style, habits or attitudes while on the road. It won’t take into account how often or how far you are actually driving your car. You’re offered a generic coverage policy that is based on numbers and data collected from your regular driving region and you simply have to pay what you’re charged if you want any level of cover at all.

When we offer over 50 car insurance, it’s offered using our UbiCar driving app. This application is easily installed on your phone and will send us telematics regarding your driving style and behaviour while you’re on the road. Data it collects includes your acceleration and speed behaviour, cornering behaviour and speeds, harsh or sudden braking and how often you find yourself distracted by your mobile phone. This information is gathered and sent back to UbiCar where you are awarded a driving score of between 40 and 100. If you score high on our scale, towards the 100 mark, you are a safe driver. For scores lower and toward 40, you are considered to be slightly less safe.

However, we don’t stop there. Rather than simply awarding you a score and then matching the cost of your policy to that, we actually offer our customers ways to reduce their premium by improving their driving behaviour. So, not only are we offering over 50’s fair car insurance options, we’re trying to help you pay even less for full coverage.

You can insure your car with UbiCar from anywhere in Australia with our coverage including:

Rather than relying on crash data from Sydney’s inner suburbs, we will calculate your vehicle insurance based on your actual driving habits. We don’t lump women and men into separate and statistic driven calculations and we offer a fairer way for learner drivers to access budget car insurance. Our seniors car insurance is fair and cheap, matching premium prices with individuals and how often they actually drive. Our rideshare insurance options help professionals like Uber drivers to access the cheapest coverage in Australia, keeping their overheads low so they can concentrate on working hard and reaping the rewards of those efforts.

If you have used comparison tools like Canstar car insurance and iSelect car insurance to find the best online quotes for your coverage needs, then it’s time you started comparing the lowest quote you find to our best. Getting a quote from UbiCar takes just two minutes and it’s all online. We’ll take some basic information from you to offer you best deal and then you’re welcome to install our driving app, using the data it collects to score your driving and road safety. With this score, your premium reflects your on-road abilities and attitudes but it’s not static and unchanging. You can affect your driving score by taking steps to increase your road safety while you’re driving, avoiding potential accidents and other unsafe behaviour to get the best budget over 50 car insurance you can. How much you pay for your insurance is up to you. We won’t hide big premiums in higher excess amounts. For more information about how your claim and premium is assessed, take a look at our Product Disclosure Statement.

As well as over 50 car insurance, we also offer Australian drivers peace of mind with our 24hour roadside assistance service. No matter where you are or what time it is, we’ll have a qualified mechanic available to help you get back on the road after a blow out or breakdown.

Get a quote online now or contact the UbiCar offices for more information about how we can help you save $$ on your over 50 car insurance.

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